Specializing in Paperless Tax Returns for Ontario Residents. 


Q:Do you provide bookkeeping services?

​A: I do not offer any bookkeeping services at this time. All business and rental returns must be summarized by either my checklist, a spreadsheet or an accounting software.  

Q: How much is your fee?

​A: For the 2020 Tax year I charge $55 for Personal Returns,$75 for a Personal Return with Employment Expenses, $125 for Business and Rental Returns, $50 for HST Returns and $500 for Corporate Returns.  Plus HST. 

Q: I worked at home because of COVID in 2020, can I claim some of my home expenses? 

A: short answer, probably yes.. but in an effort to simplify the process of claiming home office expenses for 2020 the CRA has given 3 different options. 

1-  The first is the way it has been done in the past, the employer fills out a long form (T2200) which allows the employee to claim some expenses related to home and/or vehicle usage for work purposes. This form is still needed if you always work from home. 

2- The second and third options are related to COVID.. there is the simplified option.. this option does not need a form filled out by your employer. You need to have worked from home 50% of the time over a period of at least 4 consecutive weeks. This simplified method allows you to claim $2/day up to a maximum of $400. - for this method my price will be the basic return price and not the employment expenses price.

3- The Third method is the detailed method and that requires the employer to fill out a simplified form (T2200S). With this form you can claim some of your home expenses (heat, hydro, water) there is an online calculator on the CRA website that can help with what you can claim etc.  

Q: Are you a CPA?

​A: No, I am a Tax Service Provider with a 3 year diploma in accounting and experience in a large accounting firm as well as small companies. There are some situations where I may refer you to an accountant if I feel it would benefit you or your business.  

​Q: How does taxes over email work?

A: It is pretty easy! you fill out my questionnaire, then send me any tax slips you have. I will email you if I have any questions, need more information. Once I have completed your taxes, I will email you your full returns in PDF. (save paper!) and an email with a form for you to electronically sign, once I receive that form back signed and payment (by Email money transfer or credit card) I will Efile your taxes. 

​Q: I know you do Taxes by email.. but can I still set up a meeting to discuss my taxes?

​A: No, I am sorry, I am only doing remote taxes at this time. My services are geared toward those who do not want to meet to do their taxes, and would prefer to do everything from the comfort of their home. 

If your Question is not answered here, Please email me and I would be happy to answer your question.